Property Tax Loans in Texas

Many Texas property owners are challenged with ever increasing property taxes. 
These payments  are due on time and penalties are enforced when not.  As a result, property owners who may find them selves late end up paying penalties and fees. The initial penalties seem tolerable, but quickly can cost more than 20% and if failed to pay, lead to foreclosure. Foreclosures can trigger liens, lawsuits, and eviction but there is a solution to avoid these results. Property owners can find relief through a property tax loan with TribuTrust. The property tax lender Texans trust. 

We are here to serve and relieve property owners of the stress and excessive fees that can are associated with delinquent property taxes. TribuTrust provides financial help to Texas property owners, paying their property taxes for both residential and commercial property. Now owners can benefit in saving the additional charges in penalties, excessive interest rates, and even foreclosure. TribuTrust is a leading property tax loan lender in Texas. We are available to serve your property tax loan needs today and respond quickly.

Process of getting a property tax loan

The first step is for you to provide the property address and current contact information for the property owner. The easiest way is to fill out the short contact fields here. We will then get to work and contact you regarding a loan plan that can work for you. Once a loan plan is defined, we will circulate closing documents for signature immediately followed by us paying your property taxes. You will then have a payment plan that re-pays us back within a defined time period. We have the flexibility to customize a plan that meets your specific needs.

We are the fastest growing lending platform in Texas that can help you close your loan. We have closed loans before within a few hours in order to help property owners benefit from the stress and excessive fees that can be associated with delinquent property taxes.

The process is straight forward and we are responsive and quick. You will have the option to pick a loan structure that works for your particular situation. Our team typically generates loan documents within a day or so and coordinates signature either in person or mobile, whichever is best for you. You don’t have to concern yourself about your credit score, we do not consider your credit when providing a property tax loan.

We work well with all different types of properties, that are in all different types of situations. Our loans are tailored on a per situation basis and each plan is specially designed just for that property owner. Our property tax loans range from offering owners security in stabilizing cash flows to those who are interested in being strategic with debt and equity ratios looking at deductible benefits of a property tax loan.